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Short Sale & Foreclosure Inspections:

ATD-Home Inspections knows what to look for when performing Short Sale and Foreclosure Inspections.  We pay close attention to all the items and components in the home when performing these types of inspections. Some areas of special interest to consider are:

  1. If and for how long has the home been vacant?
  2. If and for how long have the utilities been turned off?
  3. Are the electrical components intact?
  4. Has the plumbing been damaged?
  5. Has the general structure been damaged in any way by the previous home owner.

To have a proper home inspection water and electricity must be operational. When a home sits vacant extensive damage can occur to the structure when utilities are turned on if the plumbing and or electrical components are damaged whether by prior occupants or weathering of systems. An important consideration is to have someone present at the time the utilities are turned on as a preventative measure.