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Modular / Manufactured Home Inspections:

Modular Home Inspections are similar to single family home inspections aside from the strapping and anchoring systems. The three components of the anchoring system are:

  1. Anchors:  Steel rods several feet long that screw into the ground. Only a few inches of the anchors should be above ground level otherwise they won't have the holding power they're designed for.

  2. Steel Straps: They fasten around the frame of the mobile home and are attached to the anchors with adjustable bolts. It's hard to say how many straps your home should have because the numbers have been set by engineers and changing state standards during the past 20 years. Most homes should have at least eight, and sometimes more than 24, depending on the size and when the home was built and installed. Homeowners should confirm these requirements with their local code enforcement agency.

  3. Piers that the home sits on: They're usually made of concrete blocks stacked on a concrete pad, although a few homes may be on solid concrete piers, especially if they're elevated several feet above the ground.